Friday, 10 June 2022

Quantum Cunts

by Nick Gisburne

These baby-breeding bastards are the worst.
Already there are more than I can take,
But now, with this contraption, they can burst
Beyond the stars. It makes my anus ache.
I’m Death, the Dark One. This is where I work,
Not wandering the shitty shores of space.
A ‘Quantum Drive’? It’s driving me berserk.
I should have stabbed its maker in the face.
If any of these morons make it through,
What happens when it’s time to croak and die?
There’s only one Destroyer, You-Know-Who,
And how’m I s’posed to get there? Fucking fly?
    I’m not commuting anywhere to reap.
    It’s time to put those quantum cunts to sleep.