Sunday, 5 June 2022

Haiku Horrors #1

by Nick Gisburne

I love your new face.
I can barely see the scars.
Did the donor scream?

A popular girl
Gathers her friends together,
Blinds them, and burns them.

Mother passed away.
What could ever ease the pain?
Her head, on a plate.

Intelligent life,
On a paradise planet.
Cheap, delicious meat.

Terrible famine
Afflicts the poorest nations.
Oh well, never mind.

A gifted dancer,
Paralysed, maimed, by a fall,
Sues, wins, kills herself.

Sinister magic.
A successful summoning.
Son gets out of bed.

Unpleasant acne.
Cure it with a simple spray:
Sulphuric acid.

The kids are okay.
They were lost, but we found them.
The dungeon awaits.

Abused as a child,
Those days are gone, forgotten.
Her knife reminds him.