Monday, 6 June 2022

Are You Done?

by Nick Gisburne

Did you live in light, or shelter in the dark?
Did you take the path you always said you would?
Did you sail the seas to find the seed, the spark?
Did you wander where the doubters never could?
Were the secrets, sacred, stolen from your dream?
Were the pleasures of your passions never found?
Were the promises too reckless, too extreme?
Was there silence when your spirit screamed for sound?
Can there ever be a place of peace for you?
Can you find it or, forever, will you roam?
Can you see that there is nothing more to do?
Can you sit, and sigh, and settle, here, at home?
    Are you done because you tried to take it all?
    Or because you turned away, afraid to fall?