Thursday 20 April 2017

His Face Decays

by Nick Gisburne

To the tune of 'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead

Zombies like to shamble
They stagger when they stand
Their skin so gruesome
The sores and brains and screams

Saliva starts to spray
Chewing on the tender prey
Drooling while he feeds
A zombie always bleeds and
His face decays
His face decays

Slay another shy one
Screaming and dishevelled
Feel the hunger grow
A call for brains and meat
Severing forever
Someone’s leg to chew
Struggling and sick
Decomposing quick
His face decays
His face decays

Those injuries will ooze
Contaminants infuse
For snacks he’ll slay and bite a lady
Whining as he slits her liver
He won’t forget to choke her

Thrashing wild and panting
The victim’s eyes are bleeding
Feed on the meat
He shreds their glands again

The squealing as he dines
Breaks and cracks the spine
A zombie guarantees
Disfiguring disease
His face decays
His face decays