On the Blog

For reasons I cannot understand or explain, I have suddenly, after many fallow years, begun to write again. That statement vastly understates what appears to be happening, because I have somehow tapped into a rich vein of creativity, one which appears to be flowing fast and free. Compare my usual one or two posts per year to (so far) nine new pieces in nine days (and for three of those days I was away from my keyboard).

I may be jinxing the whole process by mentioning it here, but that would be simple coincidence if it happened. I will write until the vein is empty, until I am drained and spent. I am hugely enjoying the process and am pleased with the end results. Creativity, where were you? And, oh yes, welcome back!

A footnote, or post-it note to my face:
My YouTube spoken-word channel has been dormant for 7 or 8 years now, so perhaps it's time I recorded these new works and put them out there.

Lastly, thanks to those who have found and read my new pieces. You are small in number, and that makes you rare and precious to me!

Important Note
All new entries are being posted in the order in which I uploaded them to my DeviantArt account, with the same dates I used there. I'd completely forgotten about this blog, which is why I'd only used my DA account. If you see anything dated after 'the gap' (post-2012), that is all new material.

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