Wednesday 8 January 2020

The Queen of Every Nightmare

by Nick Gisburne

She is queen of every nightmare, sacred mistress of your fears
And she rules the darkest corners of the mind
Sable wings, a shade of evil, ride the tempest as she nears
With her crown of flaming serpents intertwined

Feel the angel-witch, enchantress, dark deliverer of pain
As she breathes upon the secrets of your soul
Cold caresses, icy fingertips, trace mysteries arcane
And the mortal flesh succumbs to her control

Taste the kiss, exquisite, breathless, pure as poison, black and chill
Sweet euphoria, the joy, the fear, are one
But the bite, the blood, the fury, as she drinks to take her fill
Leave a wretched, empty corpse, and she is gone

Fear the sorceress, defiler of the wicked and the weak
She is passion, she is poison, she is pain
Fear the witch’s wings around you, fear her breath upon your cheek
When the queen of nightmares lusts for blood to drain