Friday 7 April 2023

My Wish

by Nick Gisburne

I wish I was your pearl, your pet, your prize.
I wish I sat, submissive, at your feet.
I wish I put the pleasure in your eyes,
And let you breathe, contented, calm, complete.
I wish I could be everything you need.
I wish I had the spark, the surge, the drive.
I wish I was the animal you bleed
To bathe your soul, to shudder, to survive.
I wish I felt you, toxic, on my tongue.
I wish I knew the flavour of your taste.
I wish I lived, for moments, mad, among
The craven slaves your passion lays to waste.
    A day of pain. I wish for that, for you.
    I dream of what your need, your greed, could do.